1. Video: MOSAIC (Mosaic Of Student Artists In Community) is a free after-school arts program for high school youth hosted by Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum. This short documentary film features the MOSAIC crew as they work on a variety of art projects guided by Studio Manager and Artist, Alex Rubio. The film follows several collaborative works including a steam roller print portrait of the late artist Chuck Ramirez, an outdoor fence piece with artist Gary Sweeney for his Retrospective exhibition at Blue Star, and culminates with the creation of a mosaic tile mural for a H-E-B on the Eastside of San Antonio. Featuring Eastside landmarks and standing 40 feet wide and 11 feet high, the mosaic is the largest completely handmade tile mural in San Antonio. Learn more about the program at BlueStarArt.org. Learn more about the filmmakers at WalleyFilms.com

  2. MOSAIC Artist Workshop: Amita Bhatt and Alex Rubio

  3. Black Box Lunch Lecture Series: Amita Bhatt and Sharon Kopriva

  4. Installation View: “Texas Tough: Amita Bhatt - Depends Who You Ask”

    Jun. 6 - Aug. 24

  5. Installation View: "Texas Tough: Jill Bedgood - Book of Hours: Interventions"

    Jun. 6 - Aug. 24

  6. Installation View: "Texas Tough: Sherry Owens - Origins"

    Jun. 6 - Aug. 24

  7. Installation View: “Texas Tough: Sharon Kopriva - From Terra to Verde”

    Jun. 6 - Aug. 24

  8. Video Archive: Blue Star Iron Pour

    Video by Walley Films

  9. Current Exhibition: Texas Tough featuring Sharon Kopriva, Sherry Owens, Jill Bedgood and Amita Bhatt. 

    Jun. 6 - Aug. 24

  10. From the opening of “San Antonio Painters:”

    Elizabeth McDonald’s “Dinner Moose”